Christ Community Church prayerfully and financially supports both local and global missions endeavors.

Missionaries supported by CCC

Our Partnership with LoveLife

Global Missions Weeks 2021 (Faith Promise 2021):

"Faith Promise 2021 Update" by David Cunningham

"Global Missions and You" by David Cunningham

"Faith Promise and Alabama A&M" by David Cunningham

"From China to Virginia Tech" by David Cunningham

"Global Missions 2021" by David Cunningham

"Faith Promise Update & Global Missions Weeks" by David Cunningham

Missions by CCC's own members & staff:

"Mission Trip Experience" by Emily Young

"Faith Promise 2016" by Phil Chambers

"Parents, Children, and Global Missions" by David Cunningham

"Here and There" by Phil Chambers

"Our Ministry Philosophy"

"Dr. Pratt on God's Work in the World..." by David Cunningham

"Please Pay Attention..." by David Cunningham

"Snow and Missions" by Phil Chambers

Websites or blogs for CCC-supported missionaries

(This is not an exhaustive list. Some of our missionaries serve in high-risk parts of the world; these missionaries' info has been intentionally left off this list):

Jeff and Lauren Bolger at University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, USA

Raul and Viviane Pacheco at Troy University, Troy, AL USA

Brian and Jennifer Phillips, Birmingham, AL USA

RUF, Alabama A&M

Marley Slay, Paraguay, South America

Jeff and Veronique Kim, Pierrelatte, France

Stan and Jennifer Pawlowski

For more information on Christ Community's involvement in local and global missions, please contact David Cunningham.