Children's Ministry

Click here for The Story for Kids at-home discipleship resources.


  1. To impact children’s hearts with the gospel of grace, focusing not on external behavior but on a true relationship with Christ by teaching well and showing them repentance and faith.
  2. To give children opportunities to express worship to God as they learn who He is, what He has done, and what He continues to do in them and for them.
  3. To foster knowledge of God’s Word, which is essential for a full understanding of God’s character and His plan of redemption. This fostering equips children to enter adulthood with a firm foundation of Truth.
  4. To create a safe environment – both physically and emotionally – where relationships with leaders and other children can develop, and children feel accepted and loved, just as Christ loves us.
  5. To lead children to follow Christ’s example of ministering to others, providing opportunities for service, as well as planning activities geared to attracting unbelievers.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, all childcare and kids discipleship meetings have been cancelled until further notice.


Christ Community offers child care for our pre-worship training time for birth-kindergarten ages. For the duration of the worship service, childcare is provided for infants up to age three. Please bring all required items for your baby, such as wipes, diapers, bottle and food. If you have any questions or special requests, please ask a nursery worker or a volunteer at the registration desk.

Children's Discipleship

Christ Community Church seeks to be a church that develops mature followers of Christ who seek to make much of Jesus in all nations. As a component of this mission, CCC is moving toward a church-wide discipleship model. This plan includes children's discipleship groups for grades 1 - 6. These discipleship groups meet on Sunday mornings before worship. Contact Renee Whorton with questions or to add your school-aged kids to our discipleship program! Younger kids (grade K & preschoolers) participate in Sunday School during the worship service. After kids' discipleship classes end, children are dismissed by discipleship leaders in the following ways: parents must pick up children in grades 1-4 and children in grades 5-6 may walk to the sanctuary on their own. Care is taken to ensure the safety of our kids, so discipleship leaders have been trained on signing kids in/out of their meetings and sanitizing their meeting space after each group meeting.

Sunday School

We love serving God's children! Preschoolers and kindergarteners join their parents for the beginning of our worship service (music, prayer, announcements), but are released to their Sunday school classes before the sermon/teaching time. Sunday kids' programs include a craft/activity, Bible teaching, prayer, games, scripture memory, and a fellowship. All that we do with our children is with the purpose of serving God and raising the next generation of believers! Our current Sunday School classes include Preschool and Kindergarten. As explained above, grades 1 - 6 and youth participate in kids'/youth discipleship before the worship service, then participate in the entirety of the worship service with the Christ Community Church body. For more info on youth discipleship and programming, click here. Sunday School teachers and leaders have been trained on sanitizing each meeting space before and after the kids use the room. Our kids' health and safety is important to us.

Sunday Morning Check-in for Kids

In order to ensure safety and protection for our Christ Community kids and visitors, parents/guardians are asked to check in children at the registration desk in the foyer of our worship site. At the welcome desk, a Christ Community staff member will give you full instruction on checking your child into/out of the nursery or kids' classes, sanitation practices we follow, and any special needs or considerations your child(ren) may have.

Service Opportunities

Are you interested in serving our covenant children? We have many openings for teachers and helpers in the following Sunday morning activities:

  • Nursery
  • Toddler & 2's
  • 3 year-olds
  • Pre-K/Kindergarten Sunday School
  • Grades 1 - 2 Discipleship
  • Grades 3 - 4 Discipleship
  • Grades 5 - 6 Discipleship

For more information on our Children's Ministry, contact Renee Whorton.