Small Groups

Community Groups are small gatherings of people that meet regularly for the purpose of shared lives, friendship, prayer and study, and to engage in the mission of Jesus in dependence upon God and each other.

Four Practices

  1. Share life and truth – We will share life with others throughout the week with honesty, transparency and sacrifice. We will depend upon God’s truth to guide, encourage, admonish and empower us.
  2. Pray – for one another and our community. Community Groups pray regularly for one another, their neighbors, and their city because they know that it is ultimately God who renews the city.
  3. Love one another – The Community Group is bound together by mutual love and encouragement. We’re a family learning to live out of the Gospel.

Four Principles

  1. We are all fallen: We are all more sinful than we want to admit, and God is more holy than we comprehend. We are an imperfect community united by the transforming truth of the gospel of grace.
  2. We all need Jesus: In Jesus we are more forgiven and accepted than we can imagine, and God is more delighted in us than we understand. We will point each other to Jesus for hope and change.
  3. We all need one another: We need each other to share our struggles and joys in following Jesus.
  4. The world needs the gospel: The gospel of Christ changes and renews the peoples and cultures of the world.

Group Locations Interested in Joining?

2019/2020 Community Groups

Several community groups are meeting for the 2019-20 year. Our groups typically take a break during summer months. Groups begin meeting after Labor Day. Childcare is available at the church building.

  • Newcomer Community Group
    Sundays at 6:00PM in Helena. | For details, contact David Cunningham.
  • Tom Farr Community Group
    Sundays at 6:00PM at the church building. | For details, contact Tom Farr.
  • Thomas Community Group
    Sundays at 6:00PM in Helena. | For details, contact Michael Thomas.
  • Mayhew Community Group
    Wednesdays at 6:00PM in Helena. | For details, contact Butch Mayhew.
  • Brown Community Group Sundays at 6:00PM in Helena. | For details, contact Eric Brown.

For more info on community groups, please contact the church office.