Feb 19, 2021

Dear friends,

For years we’ve been praying for the Lord to provide a gospel presence at Alabama A&M. This Sunday we get to meet an answer to our prayer in Amos Williams! Amos is married to Jessica and they have two sons, Caleb and Christian. We can’t wait to hear from Amos this Sunday!

So what does Faith Promise missions giving have to do with Amos? Our giving helps enable Amos to tell the gospel to the students of Alabama A&M. In this way we’re a partner with the Williams family. Thank you, Lord!

Our aim for Faith Promise involvement this year is 50 families. As of today we have 9 committed. Let’s see that number significantly raised by this weekend!

If you consider Christ Community your church home then hop on board this faith journey with us. Email our administrator today with your pledge ( or drop your pledge card in the giving basket this Sunday.

Come worship this Sunday. Meet Amos and hear how God is at work at Alabama A&M.

Grace to you,