Sep 07, 2019

ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL RETURNS THIS SUNDAY AT 9AM... and we're so excited! To whet your appetite for the fantastic teaching and fellowship planned for this special time, read our interview below with Wyatt Young, CCC deacon and co-organizer for CCC's Adult Sunday School. The other co-leader is Tim Richburg. The guys have great things planned for this fall. The training begins at 9am this Sunday, Sept 8, and childcare is available for school-aged kids (kids D-groups) and younger (infants-kindergarten in C-wing). Contact Wyatt or Tim for more info!

1/ What topics will be covered in the Adult Sunday School time this fall?
"This fall, we're covering Old Testament theology, different questions from the Westminster Confession of Faith, marriage, and identity in Christ. This will be a more laid back time of teaching through topics and the Westminster Confessions."

2/ Who will be teaching?
"Different CCC leaders will be teaching. Tim Richburg will start us out in September, and Jeph Guinan, Tom Farr, David Cunningham, and Eric Brown will be teaching in the coming weeks."

3/ What should we bring to prepare for this time?
"Just bring a Bible, pen, and notebook. Come ready to listen and ask questions if they arise!"

4/ How did CCC leadership decide on the topics & speakers?
"We tried to think about topics that could help to continue to establish our people in the basics of the Christian faith. We decided to mix it up with various topical issues as well as walking through the Westminster Confession of Faith."

5/ How do you hope this teaching time will help CCC members/attenders?
"We hope that the topics picked will allow us to continue to grow in our knowledge of how our Christian faith impacts many different areas of our lives. At the same time, we wanted to continue to put Biblical theology continually in front of us. We thought that mixing in teaching based on the Confessions would allow us to do both."

See you this Sunday at 9am!

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