HOPE Group

a place of HOPE and HEALING

HOPE group is a support group for women of any age affected by infertility, infant loss, or pregnancy loss at any point in their lives. We welcome all women to join us on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30pm at the church for fellowship, prayer and support. Read below to learn more about this group or contact the church.

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Learn More about HOPE Group

What's the purpose of this group?

Hope Group aims to foster hope and healing for women affected by infertility, pregnancy loss, or infant loss.

Hope Group intends to provide an authentic community for women facing these struggles - a safe place for vulnerability and connection within and beyond the group. We see this as a place where women can lament together, comfort one another, encourage one another, learn from one another, and care for one another. We don’t want anyone to feel alone as they face these issues or try to heal from past issues.

What should I expect?

We meet monthly (the first Thursday of the month at 7:30pm) at Christ Community Church (2222 Co Rd 52, Helena) for discussion, to hear each others’ stories, and to pray together. You don’t have to speak or share anything but your name. We represent a wide variety of experiences and we welcome anyone who has struggled in the area of fertility, pregnancy loss, or infant loss.

Do I need to be a member of Christ Community Church?

Not at all. Hope Group is a ministry of CCC but welcomes anyone inside or outside the church. About half of the women who participate are not members of CCC. Please consider joining us for a meeting if you have ever dealt with pregnancy-related grief.

Who can I talk to for more info?

Please contact Tate Drew at the below info, or contact the church.

Tate Drew, Hope Group coordinator